Millions of kilometers bear our signature

You build the best roads and structures. You mend, repair and create so that our environment remains worth living in. To make this work easier for you we make the best machines – from tampers and vibratory plates to hand-guided vibratory rollers and multi-purpose compactors. For over 60 years, our company‘s history has been compaction technology history.

With our deep collective expertise we drive innovation and set the pace for an entire industry. BOMAG has developed countless technologies, from systems for measuring and improving compaction, such as the ECONOMIZER, to technologies for reducing operating costs, such as ECOMODE. We offer effective solutions for the most diverse applications, for example, the unique STONEGUARD technology which prevents block paving from fracturing during vibratory compaction.

Another factor is our unconditional commitment to quality: in product development and production, in the skills of our employees, and in customer service which guarantees optimum on-site support.

BOMAG and Smith Power Equipment


If you work your sites hard, you need machines you can rely on. That’s why at BOMAG we have specialised in easy handling, robust and safe equipment for decades. And this will never change.

When BOMAG built the BW 60, the world’s first hand guided double vibratory all-drum drive roller in 1957, the model became a milestone in compaction performance.

The close relationship with our customers back then allowed us, as it still does, to develop machines and systems which make site-work easier. This legacy is something customers around the world value and is the reason the industry places its trust in BOMAG.

BOMAG Overview

Light Compacting Equipment Offering

Tamper BT 60

Operating weight: 58 kg
Centrifugal force: 15 kN
Working width: 230 mm

Tamper BT 65

Operating weight: 68 kg
Centrifugal force: 17 kN
Working width: 280 mm

Tamper BT 80 D

Operating weight: 81 kg
Centrifugal force: 17.5 kN
Working width: 330 mm

Compacting Roller BW 55 E

Operating weight: 150 kg
Centrifugal force: 10 kN
Working width: 560 mm

Compacting Rollers BW65 H

Operating weight: 757 kg
Centrifugal force: 22 kN
Working width: 650 mm

Compacting Rollers BW75 H

Operating weight: 1,040 kg
Centrifugal force: 40 kN
Working width: 750 mm

Paving Compactors - BVP 12/50 A

Operating weight: 58 kg
Centrifugal force: 15 kN
Working width: 230 mm

Paving Compactors - BVP 18/45

Operating weight: 91 kg
Centrifugal force: 18 kN
Working width: 450 mm

Paving Compactors - BP 25/50

Operating weight: 108 kg
Centrifugal force: 25 kN
Working width: 500 mm

Paving Compactors - BPR 35/60 D

Operating weight: 225 kg
Centrifugal force: 35 kN
Working width: 600 mm

Trench Compactors - BMP 8500

Operating weight: 1,595 kg
Centrifugal force: 72/36 kN
Working width: 610 mm / 850 mm

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